The good life is abundant in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania, where natural resources, recreation, healthcare facilities, educational opportunities and financial incentives come together to create a place where business and industry leaders can feel confident expanding their companies and relocating their families. It’s an exciting time to consider Clearfield County’s economic future, not only for potential entrepreneurs, but for the development groups within the county that are aggressively promoting industry relationships by enhancing job opportunities for area residents and fortifying collaborations with growing companies.
Who We Are

Facts of Clearfield County

  • Encompasses nearly 1,150 square miles
  • Boasts 30 townships, 20 boroughs and one city
  • Home to 83,000 People

A breakdown of this number shows:

  • 37,100 people compose the civilian labor force and bring home a median annual family income of $30,176
  • Nearly 20,000 people are employed in manufacturing jobs and have an average annual wage of $30,836
  • More than half of county residents, 50,366 people, are between the ages of 18 and 64.
  • Approximately 18,930 are under 20 years old and 14,090 are over 65

PA Labor and Industry website
Link to Clearfield County Demographics
View Census 2000 Demographics for Clearfield County and Clearfield County Municipalities
Why Clearfield County is a Great Place to Live

Along with a strong work ethic, deep sense of family and community and access to resources and markets make Clearfield County highly desirable for business expansion and relocation.

  • Coal & Timber Reserves- Clearfield County is a leading producer of bituminous coal, exceeding four million tons annually from surface mining companies. Over 500 members, and growing, of our community are leading the way to supply the nation’s demand of energy consumption.
  • Hardwood resources are plentiful. More than 1,500 members of our community use up to date woodworking technologies to utilize this resource.
  • Education Facilities & Training Centers- Adults, either seeking a career path, changing vocations or looking to broaden their skills can pursue educational opportunities ranging from metallurgy to healthcare to electronics and engineering at the following centers for education:
  • Jeff Tech
  • Triangle Tech
  • PSU DuBois Campus
  • DuBois Business College
  • LHU Clearfield Campus