From Bricks To Bionol

“Bricks to Bionol”  is a presentation detailing how the CCEDC helped transform a dilapidated brickyard established in 1884, into the present day Bionol Clearfield LLC.  To view the presentation, click here 

In reality our project truly started in 1884 when the Harbison Walker Brick Refractory located in Clearfield County.  Harbison Walker closed its doors in 1983 and displaced over 1,000 workers and left a blighted brownfield as a scar on the county.  In 1998 the Clearfield County Economic Development Corporation (CCEDC) devised a plan to acquire all of the land at the site, demolish the current structures, remediate the existing brownfield and transform the property into an industrial park.  While sounding simple on paper, this was no easy undertaking; the site, which consists of 55 acres, had 44 parcels of land and 22 different landowners to contend with.  In 2001 with the remediation completed, the Clearfield County Technology Park was established.  The total project cost was estimated to be $6,320,500.  From 2001-2005 three facilities were constructed at the park, The CCEDC’s first Multi-Tenant facility, UGI Central Penn Gas and the Clearfield County Area Agency on Aging’s Food Distribution Center.  On August 17, 2006 Governor Rendell visited Clearfield County and announced the coming of Pennsylvania’s First Ethanol Plant to be located in the heart of the state, Clearfield County.  Bionol Clearfield, LLC broke ground in Spring 2008 and produced its first batch of ethanol by December 2009.      

 Bionol Clearfield, LLC broke ground on the 110 Million Gallon per Year, Dry Mill, Ethanol Plant in March of 2008. Bionol Clearfield, LLC worked with the CCEDC to complete a county wide site assessment and in the end found a perfect home at the CCEDC owned and operated, Clearfield County Technology Park.  This site was a Brownfield that had been transformed into an Industrial Park for mixed use industrial applications.  Bionol fit within the theme of the park in that it is a technologically innovative process and product.  Not only did Bionol purchase the remaining 35 acres from CCEDC, they also purchased the CCEDC Multi-Tenant Building.  This was home to the CCEDC office; Vision Quality Components, a small manufacturer of powdered metal components and, an advanced manufacturer dealing with harmonics and balancing.  The CCEDC was responsible for finding new homes for its tenants and worked to set up new facilities with the least amount of disturbance to the businesses.  Bionol incorporated the CCEDC Multi-Tenant Building into its site and is using the facility for administration, maintenance and intends on converting a portion of the building as part of their Cellulosic Pilot facility.    The plant was completed in early December 2009 and they accepted their first shipment of corn on December 26, 2009.