Financial Programs


To assure business growth and development, Clearfield County and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania have made available a number of innovative, low-cost loans for economic development. Please keep in mind this is only a small sample of the numerous state programs available. However, these are the most popular financial incentives.

Name of Program


Description of Program

Program Guidelines

Clearfield County Industrial Development Authority- Revolving Loan Fund


Low interest financing for building and land acquisition, new construction, rehabilitation, machinery and equipment and working capital. Please Contact the CCEDC/CCIDA Office


Infrastructure Development Program


Grant and low-interest loan financing for public and private infrastructure improvements. IDP Guidelines
Machinery & Equipment Loan Fund


Low-interest loans to acquire and install new or used machinery and equipment or to upgrade existing machinery and equipment. MELF Guidelines
Pennsylvania Financing Authority- Taxable and Tax Exempt Bond Program


Tax-exempt and taxable bonds, both in pooled transactions and stand-alone transactions, to be used to finance land, building, equipment, working capital and refinancing. PEDFA- Tax Exempt

PEDFA- Taxable

Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority


Low-interest loan financing through Industrial Development Corporations for land and building acquisition, construction and renovation, resulting in the creation or retention of jobs. PIDA Guidelines
Small Business First


Funding for small businesses, including: low-interest loan financing for land and building acquisition and construction; machinery and equipment purchases and working capital. SBF Guidelines

*** Please note that additional programs and guidelines can be found by visiting the Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development Website at  For further assistance please contact our office.