Project Management Services

Over the years, Clearly Ahead Development has taken on many projects to help revitalize Clearfield County.  These projects have included brownfield redevelopment, community revitalization, and new constructed facilities.  When Marcellus Shale became a key development in Pennsylvania, Clearly Ahead built a new facility to accommodate for this development.  When Howe’s Leather Tannery closed, Clearly Ahead stepped in to revitalize the 26.5 acres of land for future industrial development.  Clearly Ahead project management services have created jobs for Clearfield County by redeveloping sites for future use.  

Analysis of Brownfields Cleanup Alternatives (ABCA) Former Howes Leather Tannery Site Clearfield County, PA


Community Relations Plan - US Environmental Protection Agency - Brownfields Cleanup Grants for Former Howes Leather Site, Curwensville PA

Cleanup Grant - Community Relations Plan.pdf

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Howe's Leather Brownfield Redevelopment Project (Curwensville Industrial Park):

In March of 2014, Clearly Ahead Development assumed title of the former Howe’s Leather Tannery site in Curwensville, PA.  Howe’s Leather was a leather tannery that operated from approximately 1900 until 2003.  This site neighbors the West Branch of the Susquehanna River and is zoned for industrial use.  Howe’s is a 26.5 acre site with multiple land parcels.  Within the 26.5 acres of land, a hazardous/residual waste had been found that would need remediation.  These concerns were compiled by the Civil Environmental Consults in 2013 and placed for public bid.  Earthmovers Unlimited Inc. was the qualifying company for administering the demolition of the tannery infrastructure and removal of the residual waste material.  Additional Phase II Environmental work was conducted and administered by DMS Environmental for the pursuit of Act 2 Relief of Liability.  Clearly Ahead Development was the recipient of a $1 million grant for the remediation project during the Pennsylvania Brownfields Conference.  By taking on this project, Clearly Ahead will show new business development on the sites will not only create additional jobs in Curwensville and Clearfield County, it will also increase real estate tax revenues by at least $120,000 in total for the county, local, and school district.  

As of March of 2015, the remediation project has had its final inspection and approval.  52,000 tons of residual waste was removed from the site and relocated for vegetation use on 65 acres of land.  As of 2016, the land at the Curwensville Industrial Park is available for purchase. 

Clearfield Riverfront Project:

Clearly Ahead Development was hired by the Clearfield Borough as the project managers of the Clearfield Riverfront Project.  Once a failing project, Clearly Ahead has taken the lead in developing a mile long river walk that will have other commodities that encompass the river walk and help in revitalization of downtown Clearfield.  

The Riverfront will connect the Market and Nichols Street Bridges with a one mile loop.  The development of the project will occur over three phases and continue throughout 2015 and into 2016.  The first phase of the project will be the development of Market Square.  This site will have potential for a two-story building with 10,000 square feet per floor.  Many store front opportunities have potential in this building with a target for a brewpub/restaurant as being the anchor tenant.  The second floor will have multi-tenant spaces for professional offices with common areas.  These common areas will include a conference room, restroom, and kitchen area.  

The second phase will be the development of the actual river walk and the development of the public park.  The development of the river walk will work in conjunction with the Clearfield Borough streetscape.  A building that is already on site will be preserved with the opportunity to attract an outfitter to have seasonal canoe, paddle boat, and kayak rentals along the river.  This will help create an active park with recreational opportunities.  The public park will have terrace seating for fishing and/or observation and have the ability to have local concerts and local events.  

Phase Three of the Riverfront Project is a boutique-style hotel that offers 30-50 rooms, on-site parking and an indoor swimming pool.  This part of the project has had a feasibility study conducted that shows support of a hotel within the project.  

With the Riverfront Project in full swing, we urge anyone how is interested in becoming the developer of the hotel and restaurant concept to contact Clearly Ahead Development for more information.  

Clearly Ahead Energy Building:

With a rise in Marcellus Shale within Clearfield County, Clearly Ahead designed and built a five suite 20,000 square foot building to accommodate the gas industry.  The Energy Building is located in Clearfield County Alliance Park behind the office of Clearly Ahead.  This building was the first of its kind in the region.  The main target was for tenants that are secondary services to the shale company.  The facility has 22-foot ceilings and 14-foot overhead bay doors.  Capacity for a 5-ton overhead crane is readily available.  Separate offices and restrooms occupy each space.  

As of 2016, the Energy Building has the ability to accompany other industries that use drive-thru capabilities or any industries looking to relocate/expand operations in Clearfield County.  Leases are currently available for the building.  

Ethanol Plant Project:

In 2009, Bionol Clearfield, LLC In partnership with Clearly Ahead Development pioneered the construction of Pennsylvania’s first ethanol plant which helped position Clearfield County as the Energy Hub of Pennsylvania.  This project started in the late 1800’s when the Harbison Walker Brick Plant opened its doors in Clearfield’s East End.  In 1983, the company closed its doors leaving over 1,000 displaced workers.  In 1998, redevelopment plans got underway and the brownfield site was transformed into the Clearfield County Technology Park and the Ethanol Plant.  It took eleven years and twenty-two land owners to see this project through.  

With the construction of an ethanol plant, Clearly Ahead had to relocate businesses within the Technology Park.  Clearly Ahead helped Vision Quality Components move into their current location at the Commerce Park, while Clearly Ahead moved their own office to the Clearfield County Alliance Park.

On October 25, 2010 Clearly Ahead received the “2009 Project of the Year” award for their efforts in locating the ethanol plant from the Pennsylvania Economic Development Association (PEDA).  

Presently, the ethanol plant is owned and operated by Pennsylvania Grain Processing, LLC (PGP) whose goal is to develop renewable energy resources, helping to add value to the community and the agricultural industry in any way they can.